Pete and Izzie’s Social Club: A Spa-Like Retreat for your Best Friend

Pete & Izzie are namesakes of a truly unique daycare and grooming boutique for dogs in Oakland Park. One of the advantages of a boutique-like atmosphere for your pet is not just exercising but pampering as well. Also, if you’re looking for a holistic approach when you bring your best friend in for a grooming […]

Plunge Into the Arts Exhibit: An Interview with Phoenix

A native of Miami and internationally recognized nature photographer and conservationist, she is known only by the single name “Phoenix.” Some of her photographs can be viewed at “The Plunge Into The Arts Exhibit” in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. The exhibit will take place at the beautiful oceanfront Plunge Beach Resort. This exciting event will run for one […]

I Laugh Uncontrollably When I’m Nervous! [Ask Olivia]

I am 16 year old and a sophomore in high school. I don’t know how it started, but I have this problem that whenever I am nervous I laugh uncontrollably.In the last 2 years it has actually got me in trouble with my parents and teachers. It is not intentional, it is just that when […]

My Roommate’s Young Lifestyle is Driving Me Crazy! [Ask Olivia]

I am a 35 year old professional female. I am just launching myself into my career and beginning to pay off my student loan debt. Because I have these student loans I currently share my apartment with a young non-professional female student, one of my younger sister’s friends. We grew up together and I love […]

My Kids Have Been Mean to Me Because of My New Boyfriend! [Ask Olivia]

Dear Olivia! I am single mom with two teenage kids 15 and 17 respectively. I recently divorced and my husband kept the house and the kids live with him and stay with me during our visitation. I left this marriage with practically nothing and am starting over again at 48 years old. I have a […]

Quarantine with My Boyfriend is Driving Me Crazy! [Ask Olivia]

Hi Olivia, Since my live-in boyfriend and I have been quarantined together it has been crazy. While I am sleeping he wakes up and makes a ton of noise as if he were in the house alone. We have argued about this constantly and he just doesn’t get it. I am on the verge of […]

What is the Most Graceful Way to Let a Friend Go? [Ask Olivia]

What is the most graceful way to let a friend go? I’ve been bet supportive of this persons journey from the ground up with no mutual support. I’ve also given this person many ideas for their business. When is a friendship one sided and a loss? Renee Dear Renee, Good question and I think everyone’s […]

Dogs Won’t Stop Barking All Night! [Ask Olivia]

Hi Olivia! So I have a neighbor whose dogs bark at all hours of the night. What options do I have? I’ve asked the owner to try and control the dogs, but he keeps them out in the backyard all night. Any little noise or movement and they start barking! – Bow Wow Blues Virginia […]

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