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Oakland Coffee and Juice Bar: By Locals for Locals


“Coffee, the favorite drink of the civilized world”, remarked Thomas Jefferson about this miraculous beverage. High quality, locally distributed Argyle brand coffee is the focus at Oakland Coffee and Juice Bar, the cool coffee and juice bar on 201 E Oakland Park Blvd in Oakland Park, Florida.

Co-owners Orlando and Kamila opened their coffee shop in April 2019 on the corner of Oakland Park Blvd and 2nd Ave. The bustling city of Oakland Park was an attractive site for their coffee, juice and breakfast and lunch eatery because of the scarcity of mom and pop type coffee places here.

Kamila and Orlando, the owners of Oakland Coffee and Juice Bar.

Oakland Coffee and Juice Bar: A Refreshing Contrast to Fast Food Restaurants

Orlando hails from New York City and Puerto Rico, where local coffee shops and café style eateries abound. Orlando felt that a healthy breakfast, lunch and coffee/juice place would be a refreshing contrast to the big chain, fast food type restaurants that prevail on Oakland Park Blvd. Kamila, who comes from Russia, also has an affinity for small, high quality local cafes serving locally made coffees and food.

All the pastries are made in house, except for the bagels, and Kamila also displays some locally made supplement bars and nut mixes. The co-owners pride themselves on locally purchased produce and supplies instead of big truck deliveries and corporate dictates. Their Argyle brand coffee company is a local company, but the beans come from Brazil, Kenya, and Costa Rica, to name a few places. The coffee beans are made using no oils or preservatives.

Their distinctive dish is their 100% vegan avocado toast, made fresh to order with real avocado. They also serve omelettes, croissants, egg sandwiches (all day) and soups, tuna, turkey and roast beef sandwiches, and soups from 8 am – 3 pm Monday – Saturday.

Expansion Underway 

A major, exciting expansion is in the works for the coffee shop with the projected for completion slated for the end of 2020. This lush outdoor garden and eating area will have a sound system, lounge and bar for public and private events. Outside seating and a pass through window directly on Oakland Park Blvd. side of the building are also available with a few parking spots and multiple parking spots on the 2nd Ave side of the building. A local wall displaying the history of Oakland Park will be a highlight of the newly expanded garden.

Efforts Recognition

Orlando and Kamila proudly received the Harlem McBride Excellence Award this year. They feel that their commitment to high quality, locally manufactured coffee and food in an eclectic community based location was the decisive factor in receiving the honor.

The co-owners promote their business by Google, Instagram, word of mouth and a strong social media presence and not by print advertising. They proudly delivered menus and cookies to the local warehouses behind their location as a way to introduce themselves to the Oakland Park community.

Customers enter this friendly, energetic coffee shop and are promptly greeted by their first names in many cases. Orlando and Kamila’s perseverance and dedication to locally, made, healthy, vegan foods and coffee/juice make this local gem a must visit.


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