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Masks Required in Broward County, Even Outdoors


The number of positive COVID-19 cases has been rising exponentially since re-opening. Florida is one of the epicenters of the rise, logging some of the most significant numbers in the country. According to the Florida Department of Health on July 1, 9558 new cases were reported. This was a 31% rise over the day before, June 30th, in which 6,605 cases were reported.  

As a result after opening for just over a month, Broward County authorities issued order 20-19 closing the beaches for the Fourth of July weekend. Just a few days after issuing Emergency Order 20-19, County authorities issued another Emergency Order, 20-20, requiring face masks be used in public spaces, even outdoors.

County Authorities Require Masks, Even Outdoors

On the heels of Emergency Order 20-19 the County issued Emergency Order 20-20. The use of masks have been heavily disputed with people adopting a variety of opinions. Some believe the use of the masks is necessary and wear them at all times. Some people do not have strong opinions either way but comply because they are required to. And lastly, there are others, like a woman that spoke in front of the Palm Beach County Commission that vehemently disagreed with the use of masks saying it went against her God-given right to breathe. 

Opine as you will, believe what you want but dura lex, sed lex. In other words the law may be harsh, but it is the law and we must comply for the greater good. 

Masks Must Be Used Even Outdoors?

The use of masks outdoors had people indignant and questioning why must I use a mask outdoors if there is nobody around ? The question is a valid one because it may not be necessary to do so in all outdoor spaces all the time. Emergency Order 20-20 does that take that into account, clearly specifying the following :

Section 2. Facial Coverings Requirements.

A. Facial Coverings Required in All Public Spaces Where Social Distancing Cannot Be Maintained. All persons in Broward County must wear a facial covering in public spaces while outside the geographical boundaries of their residence if social Broward County Emergency Order 20-20 Page 2 of 6 distancing of at least six feet (6′) between persons not of the same household cannot be consistently maintained, unless expressly excepted herein. Facial coverings must cover the person’s nose and mouth and comply with the CDC recommendations located at

So yes, masks are required outdoors, but only when you cannot maintain a safe social distance of at least 6 feet. 

This current situation is new to all of us, but it is temporary. Until we can learn and understand more about COVID-19 it is in our best interest, as individuals and as a community, to comply. In complying we are not giving up our rights, but rather are showing ourselves to be sensible and respectful of ourselves and our fellow humans. 


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  1. Broward has a good, awesome rule for its outdoor mask mandate by allowing a person to fully breathe if a distance of six feet is maintained. I usually like to stand at least five feet away from any person anyway! Any mayor, governor, or other politician should remember that the Corona virus is a weak, puny RNA virus that is not necessarily deadly to any person, but taking away a person’s intake of oxygen can be deadly!

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