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Finding Joy While Under Quarantine


As we all hunker down for the safety of our fellow man, people are finding more and more ways to cope and adapt through this global COVID-19 crisis.

Music to Uplift Your Spirit

Music is one thing that isn’t going away despite everything that’s going on. It’s been reported that people in Italy, now the most hard hit by the virus outside of China, have taken to song as a way to make light of their circumstances. Despite the mandatory quarantine, where individuals require documentation to explain any non-necessary outings, they are embracing the romance of singing across alley ways from their balconies. It’s been experienced in several towns in and out of the country, in places like Germany and even Dallas, Texas. The singing has become a kind of universal movement as a way to beat the isolation and heaviness of this whole experience.

Italians sing on their balconies.

Maybe you’re not a singer, but the sound of music is still energizing and mood-boosting. Well, several musicians see the value in their craft and have taken to social media to share free live streams of their performances. In an effort to promote social distancing, artists like Lindsey Stirling and Evanescence have already shared live performances on Instagram, using the hashtag #togetherathome to promote the guidelines provided by WHO and the CDC.

Even Music festivals like Ultra, recently canceled because of the Pandemic, have converted to being a virtual festival on the SirusXM app. Websites like and have compiled a complete list of musicians offering these free performances for their fans. This is a great way to support the music and art of our favorite stars in the midst of all the cancellations and tour postponements. Amy Lee recently shared a post reminding her fanbase that artists and musicians are workers too majorly affected by this crisis. Tuning in for watch parties, buying merchandise, and sharing posts are all easy ways to keep the careers going for the creative workforce as well.

Free Virtual Tours Available

Another way that people are combatting any quarantine blues is by taking virtual field trips to zoos and parks. While many zoos, including the San Diego Zoo and the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC offering live webcam footage of their habitats and enclosures, Cincinnati Zoo conducts a live stream on their Facebook Page every weekday at 2pm CST.

Cincinnati Zoo has been hosting live feeds.

Several aquariums are also making this available to homebound patrons. Some unique options include Wild Earth wild safaris streaming live from South Africa twice daily, at sunrise and sunset. And in San Jose, CA the Winchester Mystery House is offering Virtual tours of the haunted Winchester Mansion on their website and live tours on their Facebook page as well. Consider purchasing vouchers for later dates when tuning in live to support these facilities for when things start getting back to normal.

A Breath of Fresh Air

If going outside is safe where you are, then it is definitely recommended for your health to take walks outside. One town in New Jersey found a way to make walks ever more fun even if you have to keep your distance. A community wide scavenger hunt for rainbows placed in people’s windows has become a fun interactive activity that requires absolutely no contact with anyone. Simply create your own rainbow any way you like (paint it, collage it, sticker it) place it in a street facing window and, of course, spread the word on social media.

Take your own walk and see how many you can find in your community. This has gotten such a positive response it’s had since spread from NJ to other parts of the country in a matter of only days. It’s good to know that creativity and fun can be highly contagious too!

Virtual Artisan Markets

Lastly, if you’re missing the artisan markets that have all been cancelled due to the virus, fear not! Virtual artisan markets are now a thing! Facebook groups, like Virtual Craft Show, have formed within the last week just to support makers from all over and give patrons a space to continue to grab their handmade goods. SunnySideUp Market, a local artisan Market held in MASS district in Fort Lauderdale has also converted their super fun and trendy market to an online shopping experience. Simply follow their instagram and sign up for the market via email through the link in their bio to get your handmade market fix on April 11. One perk of this market going virtual is it will last until May 2nd.

In the midst of all the chaos, people are finding beautiful, creative ways to cope. It seems we’ve realized how important a childlike spirit is in handling something that can become soul crushing without a healthy and rejuvenating outlet. Sing your heart out, serenade your neighbor, dance to a personal concert provided by your favorite artist, go on a safari in your own living room, hunt for rainbows. There’s so much still to do, so much fun to have and so much joy to share.


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